COLFUTURO Visit: Aspire English Campuses Ideal for LATAM English Students

Colombian students will find ICMS campuses to be diverse, welcoming and beautiful locations to experience the best of Australia while deepening their understanding of English through Aspire English.

This was the enthusiastic feedback following a visit to both ICMS campuses recently by COLFUTURO Director for Language Programs Laura Trujillo.

Laura was hosted by ICMS LATAM Regional Development Manager Catalina Perez, with the focus of the visit being to showcase the ICMS campuses available to future COLFUTURO students.

Aspire English is the English language pathway provider at ICMS and is the only COLFUTURO representative in Sydney.

Colfuturo is a distinguished Colombian organisation that provides financial support and scholarships to Colombian students pursuing postgraduate studies internationally, primarily focusing on master’s and doctoral degrees.

Their mission plays a crucial role in providing access to educational opportunities beyond Colombia.

ICMS Campus Visits Impress

Aspire English students enjoy the use of both ICMS campuses – the Northern Beaches campus, known as ‘the castle on the hill’, in Manly, and the City Campus located in the heart of the city of Sydney.

“While visiting Sydney, I had the opportunity to experience both ICMS campuses and discovered that they are incredibly inviting, each with its own special appeal,” Laura said.

“The Manly campus brings back nostalgic memories and features stunning scenery with easy beach access.”

Located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and overlooking the suburb of Manly, the campus provides a peaceful environment that helps students focus on learning and personal growth.

Laura also highlighted the convenience of on-campus facilities, saying, “I especially value the comprehensive offerings of the campus, encompassing housing, dining, leisure activities, and sports, eliminating the necessity for off-campus journeys.”

Equally impressed with the City Campus, Laura found it to be “exceptionally modern, with a more business-focused and formal vibe”.

Situated in the heart of Sydney, this campus offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a lively urban environment rich in culture and professional opportunities.

“Being located in the city center provides easy access to a vibrant urban setting for those who are drawn to it, with nearby restaurants, bars, and shopping centers.”

Guiding Student Decision-Making

Laura’s visit provided her with valuable insights into ICMS’s campuses, allowing her to offer better guidance to students as they make their decisions.

She emphasised the importance of matching campus preferences with individual aspirations and interests.

“This visit has helped me understand the strengths of each campus, so I can advise students more effectively on choosing the right location for their English program in Sydney.”

Aspire and ICMS Welcome Latin American Students

ICMS warmly welcomes international students, particularly those from the culturally diverse Latin American region.

The institution values the unique perspectives and experiences that Latin American students bring and strives to create an inclusive environment for all international students.

From personalised academic guidance to comprehensive social integration efforts, ICMS is dedicated to ensuring that Latin American students feel at home while pursuing their educational goals at the university.

Laura’s visit to ICMS’s campuses gave important information about the different opportunities for international students who want to improve their English in Sydney.

Her thoughts can help students decide which campus is best for them.

With COLFUTURO’s help, students from Colombia and other places can come to ICMS and have a great educational experience, improving their language skills and learning about different cultures in the lively city of Sydney.

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